Implement omnichannel, multichannel approaches to improve customer satisfaction

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August 27, 2021, 11:00 AM GMT+0

Sync data across all channels on omnichannel, and to a central data source on multichannel.

Businesses can use an omnichannel retail strategy to connect retail stores with online channels or can opt for a multichannel strategy to sell or list products on multiple channels. While omnichannel is fundamentally multichannel, it allows organisations to offer a more consistent customer experience (CX) across all stages of the customer journey.

A multichannel retail strategy, however, isn’t as integrated as omnichannel and entails selling over multiple online and physical channels to reach more customers. A multichannel model can use many channels like email, social media, a brand website, and more, yet the CX could be significantly different.

Omnichannel with a customer-centric approach interlinks all systems to collect and sync data to deliver a seamless CX. Organisations with a multichannel marketing strategy must ensure all their product data are uploaded to the website, formatted, and shared as per different channel requirements.

The omnichannel approach is customer-focused and helps build trust, as it seeks to provide a consistent CX across channels. Whereas the multichannel doesn’t offer a connected CX and is mainly focused on maximising the sales on different channels.

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