Marketers can protect their brand on social platforms by being transparent

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August 27, 2021, 4:56 PM GMT+0

This piece shares advice that marketers can use to protect their brand on social media.

Marketers should avoid using social platforms to push their brands and products/services to people who are less likely to use them. They should prevent spamming to maintain a positive brand image. They should also mute or remove Facebook and Twitter buttons from the privacy section of the social media management platform.

Being vocal about the brand's presence on social networks can help marketers protect their brand from social media frauds. Inform followers in case their account is hacked or forfeited. Be careful while uploading images, and make sure not to upload anything that reveals confidential personal information.

Marketers should also conduct keyword research before creating a social media password. Further, use strong passwords and additional security features on social accounts to protect the brand.

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