Use AI to offer personalised content and build long-term customer relationships

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August 30, 2021, 4:58 AM GMT+0

About 66% of customers choose brands for their consistent and relevant communication.

As opposed to traditional and standard messaging, consumers prefer relevant and personalised brand content. Businesses are responding to customer demand with conversational marketing, which employs feedback-oriented, one-on-one marketing practices. 

For marketers seeking conversations with their consumers to understand their interests better, artificial intelligence (AI) proves effective. AI-enabled chatbots help brands communicate with customers to collect feedback, identify their likes and offer personalised experiences. Moreover, chatbots also help businesses boost their customer retention rates as well. 

Additionally, marketers can use bots at various stages across the customers’ purchase journey. For instance, bots can help keep in touch with website visitors and collect information to follow up on leads. Similarly, chatbots help brands reach out to customers and keep them updated on offers, sales and product launches. 

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