Create a flexible, authentic and socially conscious brand to attract Gen Z

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August 31, 2021, 9:01 AM GMT+0

With GenZ making up for $143 billion in direct spending, brands must customise their messaging to suit their interests and sensibilities.

As a generation that has always had access to smartphones and social media, Gen Z has certain expectations from brand interactions. For instance, given that they work from one paycheck to another, Gen Z shoppers value brands that offer flexible payment options like Buy Now and Pay Later.

Gen Z is set to account for 47.4% of BNPL users by 2025. Being politically aware themselves, Gen Z shoppers prioritise brands that take a stand on issues. However, businesses must ensure they understand the social issue well before associating themselves with it.

Focus on gaining Gen Z shoppers’ trust by explaining how the brand gathers, stores and uses its data. Make it seamless for customers to contact the business and create authentic brand content.

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