Identify and use a north star metric to create focused marketing campaigns 

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August 31, 2021, 11:06 AM GMT+0

Identifying a north star metric can provide a company direction and stand out from competitors.

A north star metric is a crucial indicator of a company's success that can predict effectiveness, drive growth, strengthen values, establish core missions or goals, and more. For example, Netflix's north start metric would be retention, as it can help the company gauge the value of its content while also proving valuable to investors considering financing in the brand.

Having a north star metric may help develop clear and focused strategies approved by all stakeholders and solve problems, visualise achievements, and attribute the results. While a north start metric is critical, organisations should not overlook other metrics and look for KPIs that tackle consumer issues and improve their experiences while also being ethical.

Brands can discover their north start metric by tracking metrics that indicate problem-solving, quantify profits, and correlate the company's vision. However, it is recommended that the metric's worth be re-evaluated to ensure it aligns with their customers' needs and company objectives. Conduct open discussions with all stakeholders to implement and track the north star metric.

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