A/B testing page elements can help brands optimise their site for conversions

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September 02, 2021, 8:38 AM GMT+0

Providing a secure and risk-free purchasing process with incentives like discounts can drive immediate action and sales.

To increase conversion rates, brands must showcase their unique selling proposition (USP) on the website and write authentic marketing copies that match consumers’ values. Building a sales funnel supported by the right content for each stage can help businesses build relationships with customers and gain credibility.

A/B test elements like headlines, graphics, CTA buttons, and more, as well as include social proof such as testimonials and reviews on the site to build effective web pages. Writing simple concise, and conversational copies without industry jargon is recommended to increase conversions.

Brands should ensure their websites don’t have any visual distractions like irrelevant images, sidebars and more. Marketers can use heat-mapping tools to collect data like clicks, scrolling behaviour, and more to improve the site structure, build easy-to-navigate webpages, and improve accessibility.

Site visitor data like click-through rates can be used by brands to get insights into customer preferences to improve their browsing experience and increase conversion rates. Conduct a competitive analysis to collect information about competitors' pricing and marketing strategies.

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