Brands need a 'test and learn' marketing approach for on-demand grocery apps

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September 02, 2021, 2:22 AM GMT+0

Choose select on-demand convenience grocery (ODCG) apps to partner with.

ODCG In the UK, is fast-growing, with new brands like Zapp and Weezy joining the space. With Britons spending £1.5 billion on online groceries, as per Nielsen, in February 2021, brands should familiarise themselves with the potential ODCG apps hold.

While nascent, retailers looking to invest in ODCG apps should evaluate app partners, media offers, ROI, performance, and more. Businesses should consider the scale of sales before investing in ODCG apps, as sales though ODGC apps are relatively less.

Collaborating with food apps for occasions like "big night in" or "date night" can help companies connect the right buyers with the right products at the right time. However, the onus will be on app developers to provide brands with sophisticated advertising opportunities.

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