Optimise YouTube videos to boost views and reach wider audiences

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September 02, 2021, 10:47 AM GMT+0

Include relevant keywords in the title and description of YouTube videos to fare better in search results.

With Google and Bing using information from YouTube to rank content, marketers must optimise their videos for YouTube search. Use YouTube’s annotation tool to overlay text onto video. Viewers will then be able to click on the text to access additional details or visit the brand’s website.

Similarly, marketers must create keyword-focused playlists on their YouTube channels that group different videos under one heading. This will help audiences find a variety of videos on a topic that interests them. Collaborate with relevant YouTube channels and influencers to promote the brand’s content and improve reach.

Support video content with transcripts and captions. Interact with the wider community of YouTube users, and embed the brand videos on relevant websites, blogs and forum posts.

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