Retailers could do more to scale usage of AI to personalise

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September 02, 2021, 2:05 AM GMT+0

While retailers understand the need to use customer data to offer personalised shopping experiences, few are actually using AI capabilities to enhance CX.

According to a Talkdesk report, only 30% of respondents use AI-powered tools like intelligent knowledge bases, virtual agents and chatbots to offer personalised interactions to their customers. The report says that retailers are well aware that improving CX will help them build brand loyalty.

About 54% of CX professionals said improving the shopping experience is a priority. 87% of respondents have identified how a strategy to improve CX fits into broader business goals.

50% of the retailers struggle with the unpredictability and volume of customer needs. Nonetheless, given that customers are increasingly seeking personalised brand interactions, businesses are keen on increasing investments in areas of customer experience and personalisation.

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