Marketing teams must engage with other departments

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September 03, 2021, 2:31 AM GMT+0

Focus on creating synergy across all departments to make the best of marketing strategies.

Brands should ensure they link communication across all departments of the organisation, right from the start of the marketing campaign to when the customer completes a purchase. This helps businesses identify communication loopholes and eliminate breakdowns on both, internal and external communication paths.

Any relevant and quality customer feedback gathered must be shared with every department, apart from the marketing team itself. This prepares employees like receptionists and accountants to speak to existing and potential customers, if the needs arises.

By collaborating with teams that handle operations, support activities and deliveries, marketers can identify if they can enhance customer experience, right from contacting the brand to delivering the product purchased. Similarly, marketers can engage customers post their purchase and check if they were completely satisfied with their experience or not.

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