Marketers must use proof of result and testimonials to convince prospective clients

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September 06, 2021, 3:29 PM GMT+0

To ensure an effective and successful sales pitch, marketers must show clients how successfully they have been in the past. 

By including proof of results in the sales pitch, marketers can assure clients of their money being spent in the right place, on people who value their resources. Similarly, marketers can build on proof of results by including customer testimonials in their sales pitches.

Marketers need to be very specific with clients when explaining their offerings. Additionally, explain what kind of marketing strategies will help the client achieve what they want to. These strategies can range from social media advertising and content marketing to email marketing and paid ads.

End the pitch with a call to action. Ensure the CTA does not seem too forced and is tailored to the buying stage the prospect is in. The pitch can also ask clients if they want to be sent a free resource or a consulting call for further conversions.

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