Marketers should always connect the brand name to their niche for better recognition

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September 06, 2021, 4:27 PM GMT+0

This piece talks about fatal errors that marketers should avoid to create effective marketing campaigns. 

Marketers often fail to connect the brand’s name to a category during an advert, making it confusing for audiences and eventually negatively impacting their brand recall factor. Customers would not know how the brand product or service would benefit them if they do not know its category.

Emphasising the brand’s category in each customer touchpoint can help marketers increase brand awareness and generate greater brand recall when customers need that product or service. Though vanity metrics, like likes and comments, are essential, marketers must not prioritise or emphasise these metrics to measure marketing performance.

Marketers should conduct A/B tests across all marketing elements to identify the element that resonates most with their target audience. They should also pay attention to audience interests, needs, psychographic perspectives, and demographics to choose the right audiences and target them with relevant content.

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