Using UTM tracking can help financial marketers extract meaningful website data

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September 06, 2021, 4:24 PM GMT+0

This piece suggests tips that financial marketers can use to gather customer insights and improve marketing ROI effectively.

With financial markets changing rapidly, marketers must build a comprehensive digital analytics-tracking plan to stay ahead of the game in 2022 and beyond. They should start by defining their goals – be it brand awareness or increasing loan applications – in Google Analytics.

Adding events in Google Tag Manager can help financial marketers effectively track all buttons, link clicks and scroll tracking. It can further help marketers’ better measure ROI. Utilising UTM tracking can help marketers understand where external traffic comes from and how visitors behave on the website.

UTM codes can also help financial marketers with additional insights into the source of traffic, the medium and a specific campaign. Further, set up reporting within Google Data Studio to streamline data processes.

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