Ad-ID: The new kid on ad transparency block

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September 07, 2021, 3:30 PM GMT+0

With Ad-ID codes, companies can easily access information like the advertiser behind the ad and the product being advertised.

A naming system for advertising assets, Ad-ID creates unique 11 to 12 character long strings for each asset, with a four-character prefix. This prefix is associated with the advertiser of the specific asset and is common across all IDs for that advertiser’s ads. The 12th character of the ID indicates whether the ad is high-definition or 3-D.

Though the system has been around for more than two decades, adoption has traditionally been restricted mainly to advertisers and agencies. The slow adoption is because media companies were perhaps more struggling with challenges around measurement, delivery and making good content. Today, with audiences increasingly favouring streaming and digital video, different teams of an agency or brand are handling various components of ad buy across platforms.

After gaining access to Ad-ID codes and the information the IDs carry,  companies can manage the delivery of ads, track how frequently people are exposed to the ads across platforms and evaluate the ads’ performance.

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