Brands should curate personalised articles to engage subscription readers

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September 07, 2021, 11:49 AM GMT+0

Publishing companies are preferring revenue from subscription sources over ads, due to its long-term stability and growth opportunities.

As the industry pivots towards subscription models to boost long-term revenue, publishing companies should leverage subscriptions to engage readers, deliver value, and build direct relationships. Continually engaging readers is recommended, as consumers often only realise the value of content after the first payment.

To attract new revenue sources and strengthen its relationship with readers, The Guardian created an innovative membership programme built on subscriptions. Allow readers to interact with the brand at their convenience via multichannel experiences and self-service options.

Offering the option to unsubscribe or suspend a service provides the readers the required flexibility and convenience. Suggest articles based on the users' subscription data to add value, personalise content experience, retain them, and drive long-term revenue.

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