Customers more likely to respond to and recall ads placed in suitable contexts

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September 07, 2021, 3:30 PM GMT+0

According to a biometric study, brands must place ads alongside thematically matched articles to boost customer recall.

When brands placed ads with relevant content, viewers were 23% more likely to recall practical details like key messages, CTAs and branding elements. Similarly, aligning ads with surrounding content boosted the global memory of broad themes and overarching narratives by 27%. For example, place auto ads near auto content.

Matching informational ads with the core message of the article the ads are placed alongside drove a 36% increase in detail memory. When it comes to ads that focus on eliciting an emotional response, advertisers must place them with articles authored on themes similar to those of the ads.

According to the report by IAS and Neuro-Insight, this drove global memory by 40%. The report also says a mere 36% of the respondents claimed to have scrolled past ads without reading them. The remaining 63% see ads as part of their online reading.

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