Create responsive ads with popular keywords to improve ad strength

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September 08, 2021, 2:24 AM GMT+0

Multiple headlines and descriptors are automatically mixed in responsive search ads to test different combinations and serve the best ads.

Marketers can display relevant messages based on search terms using responsive search ads in Google Ads PPC search campaigns. Responsive search ads are mobile-friendly as they can adjust to provide shorter headlines, extend reach, target specific geo-locations, and save time while testing.

Sign into your Google Ads PPC account and select responsive search ad in the ad menu to set up responsive ads. Brands can enter up to 15 unique headlines and four descriptions via their Google Ads PPC account.

Having at least one “good” or “excellent” responsive ad per group, and multiple headlines and descriptions boosts search relevance and reach. Repurpose content from expanded text, as well as use popular keywords to create unique responsive ads to improve ad strength.

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