Integrate chatbots to improve CX and drive marketing efforts

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September 09, 2021, 2:44 AM GMT+0

Brands can collect and analyse consumer data and inform decision-making with AI-enabled chatbots.

With the significance of chatbots growing in digital, brands looking to improve consumer experiences (CX), provide real-time support, and improve marketing efforts should implement chatbots. Chatbots are expected to manage 80% of general customer enquiries, and firms can use them to carry out basic marketing functions like segmenting and defining the target audience.

AI-enabled chatbots can also be used to better understand prospects and their intents, as well as develop personalised communications. Marketers can utilise chatbots to improve customer response times and engagement rates.

Chatbots can also streamline and manage resources such as marketing and operational budgets and cut costs. Organisations can nurture leads and serve customers at their preferred timing, as well as convert prospects with chatbots, owing to their evolved understanding of consumers.

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