YouTube videos presenting danger, controversy, or firearms cannot be monetised

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September 09, 2021, 11:22 AM GMT+0

Content on sale, installation, abuse, or misuse of real or fake firearms can’t be monetised on YouTube.

YouTube released a Q&A video answering questions about its advertiser-friendly guidelines and offered advice on videos that get full monetisation privileges. Videos with elements of danger, stress, or harm, like someone having their thumb cut off during a welding tutorial, cannot be monetised.

However, anything that offers value while still posing a risk without any injury or stress, can be monetised. Creators cannot monetise content with controversial issues, commentary, or graphics, but they can if the video warns against such issues without using provocative language or images.

Also, YouTube has integrated a self-certification certificate, wherein creators are asked a series of questions to ensure the uploaded videos are advertiser-friendly. If the questions are answered incorrectly, the creator’s score is affected and could impact monetisation.

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