Leverage Education-based marketing to drive sales and build trust

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September 10, 2021, 4:35 PM GMT+0

Education-based marketing can include content like infographics, blogs, ebooks, and more to educate, inform, and entertain prospects and provide value.   

Integrating education-based marketing into the mix can help brands offer educational and informational resources to prospects and establish buying criteria. These marketing campaigns can relay relevant product information and build deeper relationships with consumers.

According to research, two-thirds of consumers interested in the brand's products or services need more information and education to make informed purchasing decisions. Even if the purchases aren't made right away, education-based marketing helps foster long-term trust and goodwill.

Offering prospects a certain level of value through content like reports and websites can help brands drive traffic and improve SEO efforts. However, creating marketing copies that position the product in a favourable view is recommended to set the purchase criteria and drive sales.

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