Use first-party data to run contextual ads without third-party cookies

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September 10, 2021, 2:21 PM GMT+0

Build direct relationships with audiences to gather first-party data and execute targeted ad campaigns post-cookies.

Brands looking to enhance digital marketing efforts without third-party data must get reacquainted with first-party data to target ads. As third-party cookies get phased out, and tech giants like Apple and Google introduce new privacy measures, using first-party data to craft contextual ads.

To personalise consumer experiences, drive sales and marketing efforts, own audience data and run contextual ad campaigns. With contextual advertising resurfacing with AI capabilities, merging contextual and first-party data can help brands target prospects based on interests and actions online, notes Digiday.

Creating reports on specific user data would be imperative, as insights on open rates and CTRs wouldn’t be enough to raise budgets for email campaigns. Businesses must reassess their first-party data approach to track consumer data effectively.

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