Brands must organise events to target customers’ interests and boost engagement.

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September 13, 2021, 4:40 PM GMT+0

Organising events is an effective tool for brands to convince audiences of their commitment to ensuring a seamless CX.

Integrated events can help businesses meet the needs of their clients and adopt a customer-centric approach. Marketers can organise events around topics and themes they know their target audiences are interested in.

By hosting events, brands get to know their consumers better and boost customer engagement. Businesses must collaborate with other channels like ticketing platforms or social media apps to increase visibility among people and promote their events.

Use physical stores to host activations and display new products. Additionally, use events to highlight the brand’s unique market position. For example, clothing retailer Anthropologie runs workshops on crafts like DIY headbands. Similarly, use virtual events to sell key products and offer community benefits.

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