Exhibit social values in ad campaigns to connect with consumers

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September 13, 2021, 12:17 PM GMT+0

Matching brand communication with consumers’ social values like family and community can help businesses drive buying decisions.

Amid the pandemic, social movements led by socially conscious consumers have grown to reflect their expectations from mainstream brands. With consumers caring about social issues like diversity, inclusivity, gender equality, poverty alleviation, and more, brands should promote the causes in their ad campaigns.

As social causes powered by social media influence consumers’ purchase decisions, brands should integrate CSR, sustainability, ethical consumerism, and more into their operations. Rather than greenwashing and making deceptive claims, create transparent, authentic, consistent, and relevant marketing messages to build trust and loyalty.

While consumers value principles like sustainability, they also consider prices when buying, hence businesses should strike a balance between costs and sustainability. Consumers, particularly millennials, are more loyal to brands that demonstrate sustainable and ethical business practices.

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