A full-screen vertical scrolling feature is being tested by Pinterest

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September 13, 2021, 8:47 AM GMT+0

The vertical scrolling stream shows both video and still image Pins.

Pinterest is testing a new “Watch” mode for Pin discovery, similar to TikTok’s scrolling vertical feed of content. The new full-screen discovery option features a "Browse" and a "Watch" mode.

In the "Browse" mode, users have access to the standard Pinterest search feed, while the "Watch" mode displays a TikTok-style presentation. Pinterest says it’s building more ways for Creators and brands to reach a “global audience intent on trying new things.”

However, Pinterest provided no specifics about the test, or how many users can access the Watch feed. The vertical, full-screen feed supports Pinterest's evolutionary approach to development, with the app already connecting with the social Stories trend with Idea Pins.

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