Gen Z consumers pay more importance to values than self-indulgence: Study

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September 13, 2021, 4:48 PM GMT+0

A SightX-JUV survey of 1,538 US Gen Z consumers across geographical locations and ethnicities highlight factors that defy general perceptions about this young demographic.

The survey found that values are complex for Gen Z consumers, with these young consumers paying more importance to values like achievements (45%) and security (40%) than hedonism (17%). These consumers are about to become the most educated generation yet. They have lived through economic uncertainty and a widening wealth gap before seeing a pandemic-influenced economic downturn.

Gen Z consumers place a higher value on stability and success. When it comes to learning about brands, 37% of Gen Zs prefer visual content. 32% of Gen Zs want brands to deliver authentic content, while 28% want informative content. They want brands to lead the charge and educate their followers on social platforms.

The study indicates that brands should share art or informational graphics on an important topic or event to attract Gen Z’s attention. These young consumers want brands to be transparent and communicative, especially when showing support or raising awareness for concerns.

These consumers are not inclined towards celebrity or influencer endorsements. Instead, Gen Zs want brands to “show the receipts” while taking a stand on social issues. The article suggests creating petitions, educating followers, or sharing actionable ways for others to solve social problems can help brands connect meaningfully with Gen Z consumers.

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