Interlinking website content with relevant links can lower bounce rates

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September 13, 2021, 12:08 PM GMT+0

Open external links in a new tab to reduce website bounce rates.

Tracking bounce rates can help brands lower the number of site visitors leaving the website, as well as boost SEO and conversions. Tactics like using personalised exit-intent only popups, improving page load time, and creating engaging CTAs can help reduce bounce rates, and link sales to conversions.

Brands should develop mobile-friendly websites, and optimise content’s readability with proper headlines, descriptions, and A/B test content to decrease bounce rates. Interlinking content via logically placed links and anchoring texts to redirect site visitors can help brands retain readers.

Create compelling videos to increase on-site time, include relevant keywords to increase traffic from prospects, display testimonials and case studies to build credibility. Improving the UX for product pages, and translating content for international audiences, and fixing broken links can also reduce bounce rates.

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