Contextual ads could be a viable alternative to cookies: Study

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September 14, 2021, 5:37 PM GMT+0

An Integral Ad Science and Neuro-Insight study found that contextual ads are effective in driving brand memorability.

The study found that contextual ads were more effective in driving brand memorability than ads created based on data from third-party cookies. Matched ads – ads that align with the surrounding content on a webpage – were responsible for a 23% increase in remembering details, CTAs and branding elements than unmatched ads.

Matched ads also led to a 27% increase in recollection of broader themes and overarching brand narratives, “global memory.” Integral Ad Science’s CMO Tom Marlow said that contextual ads could be more effective than targeted ads fuelled by third-party cookie data.

Marlow further added, “With audience targeting, you can reach the right person, but maybe in the wrong moment. But contextual gives [marketers] a better opportunity to make a more meaningful connection with that person.”

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