Enhance the bidding process to boost ad revenue

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September 14, 2021, 1:39 PM GMT+0

Create a data-driven pricing strategy to boost ad revenue in the bidding process.

Optimising the header bidding process allows publishers to receive bids for their inventory from many buy-side partners at the same time, resulting in more ad revenues. Publishers can leverage ad server configuration, line-item prioritisation, and date-driven price floors to boost ad revenues. 

A/B test creatives, assess the number of demand partners, and the timeline for bid submission, to provide optimum bidding experiences. Determine the CPM limit where the fill rate of header bidding stops expanding linearly to the price in Google Ad Manager (GAM) to obtain higher fill rates.

This ensures the programmatic line-items with higher CPM gets a “guaranteed” priority level, to compete with directly sold inventories in GAM. Set price floors with granularities like geographies for inventories demanding higher bid rates to avoid revenue loss from un-monetised bids.

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