Collaborate with micro-influencers, monitor social media activity to boost leads

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September 15, 2021, 4:24 PM GMT+0

This article explains how marketers can incorporate specific social media tactics to generate leads.

While brands often look to collaborate with mega-influencers (those with over 1 million followers) to boost brand awareness, marketers should consider inviting micro-influencers on board. Influencers with less than 100,000 followers are often seen as subject experts in their niche, with genuine followers as their audience. Moreover, brands can get more value for the marketing budget by diving spend among several micro-influencers.

Keep track of social media mentions of the brand, tracking hashtags and URLs to analyse brand perception among target audiences. Help customers online seeking recommendations address user concerns over the brand’s products and set alerts for brand-related keywords and hashtags.

Along with influencer marketing, brands should incorporate other social media marketing tactics like creating quizzes. With online quizzes, marketers can generate intrigue among audiences, educate them about the brand and offer giveaways to customers. Similarly, quizzes also help to gather customers’ data and grow brand email lists.

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