Google says consumer-buying patterns will continue to change

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September 15, 2021, 5:15 PM GMT+0

Google’s latest report – backed by first-party insights and third-party field studies – highlights purchasing trends that will drive business in 2021 and beyond.

The study found people’s buying patterns would continue to change as they react to unpredictability. Because of the pandemic-influenced lifestyle changes, people now have new needs. Around 15% of all search queries on Google every day are the ones that the search engine has not seen before.

Additionally, consumers’ search queries reflect more time spent at home. For instance, at the start of the pandemic, “Milk delivery” grew 800% YoY globally. Consumers are also looking for ideas and inspiration online now more than before. The researchers reported this consumer behaviour would likely stay this year and beyond.

A vast majority of consumers across the globe said that they had discovered new brands online during the pandemic. Interestingly, searches directly on Google Images for “unique gifts for” have increased globally by over 100% YoY. Additionally, consumers reported they would continue to shop in new ways while focusing on convenience.

In the past year, searches for “available near me” have grown by 100% globally, while searches for “in stock” have grown by over 700%. At least one form of online shopping was discovered by over half of consumers globally. But, people would also continue to be more discerning about how and where they spend their money, focusing on values.

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