LinkedIn introduces a trio of updates to spur engagement, measure ad performance

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September 15, 2021, 5:05 PM GMT+0

The platform will enable businesses to publish long-form content, engage wider audiences through live events and measure brand-building through ads.

LinkedIn had earlier limited content on company pages to a specific character limit. With the “Article For Pages” update, companies will publish blog-style content of any length. The initiative comes complete with capabilities to view audience insights.

With the “LinkedIn Live Events” product, brands can now promote livestreams to target audiences, notify users when the event goes live and share the replay of the live content. Similarly, the update includes other features like fewer followers required to access LinkedIn Live and an expanded registration form for Events. LinkedIn has also collaborated with Zapier for lead management.

As for LinkedIn ads, brands can now measure the impact of their ads through baseline reports on brand perception. Additionally, optimise ad distribution by ensuring the ads are shown to relevant and newer audiences. LinkedIn has also enabled marketers to view predicted reach and frequency for awareness campaigns within the forecasting tool.

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