Marketers should focus on clicks, outcomes to measure email marketing effectiveness

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September 16, 2021, 4:01 PM GMT+0

With iOS 15 all set to make open rates ineffective as a reliable metric to measure email marketing, brands must explore alternate metric options.

Instead of focusing on measuring email activities – like opens and clicks – marketers should instead measure the outcome of their emails. For instance, once a brand sends an email, they can look at how many phone calls the business has received or how many customers scheduled product demos.

Brands must track codes mentioned in their emails. For marketers using Google Analytics and Matomo, they must track UTM tracking codes. As for Adobe Analytics, marketers must track “etcid” tracking codes.

Simultaneously, shift focus on measuring email effectiveness through clicks. This means that marketers will have to offer clicks that are not transactional. Brands can consider including images in emails and newsletters for readers to click on. Additionally, use surveys to ask audiences about what they think of branded emails.

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