Feature clear CTAs, real people, variety of images for effective advertising

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September 20, 2021, 3:30 PM GMT+0

Audiences prefer ads that clearly explain how their products or services can help customers solve everyday problems.

With 78% of consumers seeking product utility in ads, brands should begin by featuring clear, concise and relevant CTAs. Marketers must ensure the CTAs clearly define product benefits and feature the brand name prominently. When it comes to headlines, personalised headlines perform 1.3 times better than non-personalised ones.

Similarly, follow headlines with offers for better conversions. With images featuring people performing over 30% better than regular images, brands must feature real people in the ads to offer real-life context and boost ad relatability. Additionally, about 64% of consumers tend to act on seeing ads that they consider inclusive or diverse.

Create ads that can be effectively viewed on smaller screens. Use tight framing and bright lighting when it comes to pictures. While it is important for brands to test the effectiveness of their ads, it is important they allow new campaigns at least three weeks before testing the assets. Grant the campaign two to three weeks of optimisation time before adding or removing assets.

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