Public sector companies want their ESG efforts to yield positive outcomes

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September 20, 2021, 12:06 PM GMT+0

That Environmental, social and governance (ESG) reports accurately reflect company values is believed by less than 49% of public company representatives, as per Intelligize.

At 75.51%, ESG initiatives are driven by a company’s desire to achieve positive ESG outcomes. Other ESG priorities include evading negative public relations (10.71%) and appeasing stakeholders and shareholders (9.18%).

4.59% want to meet the contractual requirements of lenders and business partners. However, poor understanding of key problems like not fully understanding how financial costs affect ESG investments, hampers those efforts.

46.05% say their company is “very” focused on governance issues, followed by social (43.78%), and environmental issues (30.41%). Human capital and diversity is focused on “extremely”, as per 27.31% of respondents. Integrated sustainability and annual CSR report is a common form of ESG reporting.

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