Comcast and its UK subsidiary Sky reportedly plans to launch smart TVs

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September 21, 2021, 5:29 PM GMT+0

Recent reports from Protocol and The Financial Times revealed that Comcast plans to offer TVs running its software across at least two territories.

The television sets in the US would be branded as XClass TVs. These TVs would be manufactured initially by Hisense and would run Comcast’s X1 software, which is already found on its set-top boxes and Xfinity Flex streaming box.

In the UK, Sky is reportedly planning to launch its smart TVs. Sky already operates its Sky Q platform in the UK across its set-top boxes and shows satellite broadcast alongside video streaming from services like Netflix and Disney Plus.

This step would let both the companies control viewing platforms, giving Comcast and Sky the ability to negotiate with streaming providers to offer them better prominence. While Comcast has declined to comment, Sky is planning a launch event on 7th October.

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