Focus on omnichannel CX, building brand trust to prep for evolving trends

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September 21, 2021, 4:55 PM GMT+0

Companies must be mindful of critical trends that are set to transform the way they process data, target customers and build brand image.

Changes in the technology and regulatory landscape will nudge businesses to shift from advertising that is solely focused on personalisation. Regulation like Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, Apple’s iOS update restricting businesses from tracking users and Google’s decision to withdraw support for third-part cookies will fundamentally affect the ad ecosystem.

Customers are increasingly interacting with businesses across platforms. Brands must focus on offering users consistent experiences across online platforms and messaging channels. Similarly, audiences are no longer willing to accept delays while interacting with brands. Marketers should make sure they offer consumers real-time updates, immediate alerts and personalised messages.

With audiences valuing brand trust more than ever, businesses must create straightforward user experiences. Additionally, avoid tactics that target small-term growth and instead focus on building long-term customer loyalty.

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