Marketers can consider leveraging AI to build SEO-friendly internal link structures

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September 21, 2021, 4:27 PM GMT+0

AI can effectively guide marketers on how, when and where to optimise internal linking to achieve their highest-ranking potential.

Businesses should take a site-holistic approach towards analysing the link flow of their website. They can leverage artificial intelligence to understand how the link flow is distributed across multiple website pages.

AI-powered tools can help marketers get more external links to a specific page – improving the link flow of the website. Leveraging AI can also help marketers restructure internal linking to push more link flow to essential pages and reduce it for less important pages.

Artificial intelligence can further reduce link loss from a particular page and correct various factors that negatively affect their link flow. It can also help marketers understand where they want to add link flow, which is necessary for optimising backlinking programs for both domain rank and link flow.

Keyword stuffing, excessive outgoing links that look like “paid” or “advertorial” links, duplicate content and duplicate page titles or descriptions are some of the issues that negatively impact the link flow and search rankings. Leveraging AI can help marketers address these issues and effectively improve search rankings.

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