Tech giants in the newsletter space: innovation or monopoly?

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September 21, 2021, 5:05 PM GMT+0

With tech giants like Google and Facebook launching their newsletter tools, publishers are growing wary about their intentions.

Creators are wondering whether tech giants are stepping into the newsletter space to infuse innovation or whether they are entering the space as “land-grabbers”. Called Museletter, Google’s homegrown newsletter tool allows users to publish a Google Drive file as a blog or sent it as a newsletter to their email list.

While Museletter is free, users will have to pay for premium features like customs domains and welcome emails. Similarly, Facebook’s Bulletin is based entirely on the Substack model. Google and Facebook are making it easier for users to create newsletters with easy-to-use creation and distribution tools. Though the availability of alternatives hints at a good market, tech giants may reserve a big part of the market for themselves.

This caution among creators is not without reason. Tech companies like Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn and Spotify were quick to launch their social audio offerings after the success of Clubhouse. This crowding of the social audio space has led to a decrease in Clubhouse’s popularity.

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