3D advertising is the new frontier for brands competing for audience attention

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September 22, 2021, 4:53 PM GMT+0

With consumer demands evolving rapidly, brands need to think about their assets in “z-space”, a third dimension, to win customer attention.

Brands will soon have to think about advertising their products and services differently- in 3D - where customers can see their offerings from all angles. Companies like Ford and Tesco are already incorporating “digital twins” into their eCommerce platform to provide rotatable views of their products from above and below.

3D would also allow brands to experiment with new creative possibilities by ignoring real-world rules. They can also create an entirely new advertising canvas upon structures previously unimagined.

But, a new set of best practices for “dimensionalized” brand assets would be necessary for companies to experiment in the z-space. There will be a need for laws for how and where 3D messages can be seen, along with metrics to measure the success of campaigns in 3D.

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