Metaverse is yet to strike a chord with customers

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September 22, 2021, 3:19 AM GMT+0

Forrester surveyed 1,263 adult consumers across the US and the UK.

With metaverse being an immersive digital experience wherein users’ avatars can travel across virtual worlds, firms like Epic Games' and Microsoft are investing into the tech. However, 29% of US consumers and 33% of Britons currently don’t understand metaverse, despite being provided with a description.

Of those polled, 23% of Americans and 17% of Britons would “like to spend some time exploring the metaverse.” 27% of US and 36% of UK consumers said they don’t need metaverse in their lives.

When it comes to advertising, 22% of US and 15% of UK consumers believe that brands should advertise in the metaverse. Companies looking to benefit from metaverse should release press headlines with early mover media innovation, keep learning and testing in the virtual environment, and entice Gen Z and young millennials.

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