Re-balance data-driven strategy with creativity to humanise the brand

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September 22, 2021, 4:30 PM GMT+0

Human behaviour is highly unpredictable, and data alone is insufficient to understand and convince buyers to convert.

Despite what measurable metrics like clicks and shares may suggest, this piece argues that people are not engaged. These measurable metrics can only partially convey the accomplishments of a campaign as it is impossible to quantify human emotions. So, marketers must convince the C-suite about the importance, value and true potential of creativity in branded campaigns.

Apart from considering insights from audience research and demographic research, marketers should find out what inspires them, what make them smile. They need to embrace creativity to attract consumer attention, anchor their minds and humanise the brand.

Brands should showcase the company's authenticity, highlight how the brand helps people and its role in the community. Though authentically showing up the brand can make it vulnerable, authenticity can also help the business establish credibility – necessary for humanising the brand and wining customers in the long run.

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