Use surveys to gather customer feedback on email content and effectiveness

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September 22, 2021, 4:50 PM GMT+0

Given that most readers may not respond to brand emails, marketers must gather feedback from customers about what they think of their email content.

Brands can consider adding a feedback option at the end of the email, which asks customers to rate the email. Since such links may distract readers from more important CTAs, marketers must offer well-drafted surveys.

Ensure that the surveys focus on asking a limited number of things, focus on specific areas. Such surveys are more likely to evoke responses from readers. Before sending out the surveys, determine what purpose the answers will serve for the company. This ensures surveys feature relevant and pointed questions.

Keep the surveys short. Use different surveys to target other consumers groups. For instance, use separate surveys for readers who have never clicked on email links and those who have not engaged with emails in a month. This way, brands can gather insights to close different loopholes in their email marketing. Finally, thank the readers after they complete their surveys to show the brand values their time.

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