ASA to review environmental communication guidance

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September 23, 2021, 3:58 AM GMT+0

Advertising Standards Association (ASA) will be releasing sector-specific guidance in the long-term.

As per ASA, the industry body is working towards tackling “problematic ad claims” based on evidence. The body will investigate the energy, heating and transport sectors, followed by commercial and household waste and food sustainability.

ASA will also be commissioning new research to investigate the extent of consumer’s understanding of advertiser claims regarding net zero and carbon neutrality. The industry body believes the new guidelines are necessary.

This is because its reviews have revealed a “significant scope for businesses to make mistakes, and to mislead, when making environmental claims, which can lead to consumer detriment and harm to the planet.” This is part of the broader objective to shine a “brighter regulatory spotlight” on ad issues pertaining to climate change and the environment.

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