Google explains how to grab a YouTube viewers’ attention

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September 23, 2021, 5:34 PM GMT+0

More than 90% of consumers today discover new brands and products on YouTube, and 40% of them continue to make purchases from these brands.

Contrary to traditional TV ads, content for advertisements on YouTube needs to highlight the crucial segment of the brand content as soon as they can. This ensures brands capture audience attention right from the start. Given that audiences constantly have something new and exciting to the consumer of platforms such as YouTube, brands can create equally exciting ads by driving content on a good hook.

For example, Introduce unexpected shifts in the ad storytelling. Bring impactful and dynamic imagery in the ads, and most importantly, acknowledge the audience. By breaking the fourth wall and addressing the viewers directly, and engage them with tactics like short quizzes. Explore a variety of emotions in the video.

Use elements of humour and nostalgia to grab the viewers’ attention by offering them authentic content. Since audiences tend to watch YouTube videos at around 50% dimness, marketers must ensure they use bright, contrasting colours in their ads.

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