Microsoft Advertising rolls out new attributes to let brands highlight their purpose

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September 23, 2021, 5:16 PM GMT+0

Advertisers would be able to choose from main attribute categories: Inclusion; Environmental; Community/Social responsibility, and Accessibility.

Microsoft has been working on promoting its Marketing Purpose initiative for some time now. The new attribute system would let search marketers showcase what they have learned from Microsoft’s Marketing with Purpose playbook and course and highlight the features they embody.

With the help of Marketing with Purpose Attributes, businesses would quickly and easily communicate how their brand is for a particular person. This update would enable brands to highlight their authenticity – a key attribute to building trust with customers.

An announcement from Vi Nguyen, Crystal Zhang, and MJ DePalma said Microsoft Advertising’s new attributes would let businesses indicate their dedication to their brand values. Businesses can set up these attributes at the account level and decorate text ads and product ads.

These attributes are divided into four main categories, which are further divided into 32 attributes. For instance, Inclusion: Vegan or LGBTQI+-friendly; Environmental: Eco-friendly or Carbon-neutral; Community/Social responsibility: Cruelty-free or Non-profit; and Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible or Visual assistance.

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