Utilise open-rate depreciation to test better options, improve mail quality

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September 23, 2021, 4:56 PM GMT+0

With Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection keeping mail marketers on edge, brands need to test alternative strategies to measure the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns.

Apple’s update enables users to prevent email senders from knowing when exactly they open their email. This move reduces the efficiency of open rates as a campaign metric drastically. Marketers need to look for metrics apart from open rates to maintain a clean contact list. To begin with, confirm every email list sign-up with a double opt-in.

This means brands must mail confirmatory messages before adding customers to their list. Similarly, use email verification tools to remove all unwanted and unresponsive addresses from the email list. By prioritising quality over quantity, marketers can engage with genuine customers. Track click-through and conversion rates as alternatives to open rates.

Brands must also test the quality and effectiveness of their email content frequently. Use A/B testing to analyse subject lines, preheaders and other segments of the email. Use surveys to gather feedback from customers about the brand’s emails. This will help brands optimise their content using reviews straight from the mail recipients.

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