Publishers are ramping up Environmental coverage to rope in worried readers

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September 24, 2021, 5:11 PM GMT+0

Fanned by increased consumer awareness and interest, environmental issues are finally getting significant coverage.

Several Publishers have introduced newsletters, dedicated print editions and sub-brands dedicated to environmental issues pushed by a growing reader and business interest in coverage of climate change and environmental issues. News organisations like the BBC, the Economist, and The Guardian, have increasingly focussed on climate coverage in recent years.

A Reuters Institute report suggests that journalists should know basic science and skills like satellite monitoring, data collecting, and analysis to cover such topics accurately.  Since few journalists currently understand how policies are made and implemented, they must be trained to achieve well-rounded coverage. Reporters must adopt solutions journalism that aims at a holistic coverage of how people respond to climate-related problems.

Organisations must hire reporters across backgrounds to ensure voices across all socio-economic spheres find representation. Experiment with news formats and rely on partnerships to combine expertise. Similarly, make sure every news report discusses real problems and creates connections so that the report paints a clear picture for readers to understand the issue.

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