Avoid Faux Pas by carefully choosing images for campaigns aimed at Hispanics

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September 27, 2021, 5:56 PM GMT+0

Understanding Hispanic cultural nuances when choosing images for marketing campaigns aimed at the rapidly growing community can help avoid negative publicity.

Low cultural IQ and unconscious biases can make catering to the Hispanic community in the US a risky venture. Something, Twitch – the game streaming site – learnt the hard way last year after the uproar over its Hispanic emote modifiers.

Marketers should be careful, especially when selecting images for campaigns aimed at different communities. Instead of rushing through and selecting the first available image, campaign managers should “dig deep” and ensure they are using credible sources.

Companies can increase their profile by recruiting Latino influencers – who are extremely popular with the demographic. Celebrities can be convinced to join by giving them access to exclusive, exciting content that they can share live on their social channels.

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