Brands must keep their virtual presentations interactive, personal and authentic

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September 27, 2021, 5:30 PM GMT+0

Consider beginning the presentation with a short story and concluding it with a digital takeaway.

Marketers must ensure their virtual presentations are captivating for audiences right from the beginning. As there are high chances that audiences would have researched about the presenter and the brand, presenters should consider beginning with a short story, an analogy, a question or a quote, rather than repeating themselves all over again.

With around 65% of the general population being visual learners, presenters must make ample use of visual aids for the presentation to be impactful. Add images of real people to add authenticity to the presentation or webinar. While presentations must make use of illustrations and images, presenters must ensure they show themselves to their audiences as well. Making themselves visible and using gestures can make the communication between the presenter and the audience natural and organic.

Interact with the people as much as possible. Ask questions, incorporate user questions in the presentation and initiate discussions. Finally, end the virtual event by acknowledging the audience and appreciating them for their participation. Offer them digital goodies like downloadable PDF documents and present a clear call to action.

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