ISBA launches new Code of Conduct to enhance brand-influencer relationships

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September 27, 2021, 5:45 PM GMT+0

The Code aims at raising standards, smoothening relationships between industry participants and ensuring transparency for consumers.

The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) has launched a guide with an aim to help brands adopt the best practices for influencer marketing. The Code includes a number of guidelines such as informing users about ad content, not using photo filters and meeting obligations to protect vulnerable groups.

The guide aims to enable authentic and effective influencer marketing by backing influencers to voice their honest opinion on products. When it comes to brand-talent relationships, the Code seeks to establish practices such as offering complete clarity from brands on KPIs and help in demonstrating ROI from influencers.

The Code was created in collaboration with representatives from talent agencies, along with a selection of influencers. Though it is not a binding legal document, the Code could be appended to legal contracts. ISBA’s Jill Dougan said, “Influencer marketing is a great way to reach and engage with customers but until now there has not been a common code that everyone involved adheres to.”

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